Our Philosophy

We believe children are unique, highly capable beings who develop at their own pace. It is the role of educators to nurture, support, and celebrate each child as an individual.

We cultivate the ability to wonder, to question, to explore, to discover, to think critically, and to be compassionate as students pursue their interests while mastering the skills required to be happy, effective members of society.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to educate students to be the best versions of themselves as we provide them with the essential tools to be critical, creative, compassionate thinkers and responsible, engaged citizens ready to transform the world.

Our History

La Piazza Academy was established in 2011 with a mission of providing high-quality education and innovative programming that puts young students directly at the center of their own learning. La Piazza Academy co-founders, Jessica Pinto and Nita Yeung, merged their needs as mothers and their distinct experiences to create a school inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, social constructivist theories, as well as Miami’s multi-lingual community.

With a purpose to demonstrate that education can and should be fundamentally transformed, La Piazza Academy officially opened its doors on June 13, 2012and its novel elementary program welcomed their first class inAugust 2016.