Mindfulness and Values

Learners first become mindful of their own socioemotional wellness – their feelings, emotions and how to channel their energy into positive outlets. Then, the focus shifts to being mindful of our community – understanding it’s unique needs while respecting the diversity each member contributes to our group. We cultivate this mindful reflection during our different meetings during the day by focusing on important values: empathy, compassion, respect, tolerance, understanding and gratitude.

Change Makers

All learners are encouraged to recognize their power to change the world. Strong in their foundational values, learners reflect on the issues facing both their community and the world. Together, they collaborate on projects which make a positive social impact. Learners gain a sense of agency and an understanding of how they can be powerful advocates for real change. Learners have partnered with agencies such as Lotus House and Casa Valentina.

Environmental Awareness

The kindness, compassion, and respect which we foster in our learners extends to a respect for all living beings – including our planet. By understanding what impact our actions have on the environment, and coming up with solutions for positive change, we will help to save not only the planet but humanity as a whole. Learners participate in various environmental efforts, like park and beach clean ups, community garden initiatives, recycling drives and more.