La Piazza Academy’s Summer Camp
Registration will open early 2023

La Piazza Academy’s Summer Camp offers learners three through twelve an array of opportunities for summer fun, exploration and discovery. Campers will participate in different immersive experiences, helping them to develop new interests, gain new skills and discover new strengths while enhancing their physical, emotional and intellectual well-being.

Our Summer Camp activities include:

Sports Camps: Campers will participate in different team sports, such as baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis and more, while learning the fundamentals of fitness.

International Cooking: Exploring the world has never been so delicious! Campers will have fun preparing dishes and snacks from around the globe, while learning more about different countries and their culture.

Science Camps: Young scientists will experiment with age appropriate topics such as liquid nitrogen, polymer chemistry discovery, dry ice experiments, lasers, electricity, Tesla coil discoveries and more – all with the goal of helping campers to develop a scientific understanding of the world around them.

Arts & Design: Campers will be exposed to different artists, visual concepts and interpretations, and in turn, engender creative thinking through the development of original, visual expression.