Every member of our team is more than just a teacher. We are facilitators of learning, advisors, guides, learners, and friends. As members of the academic community, we are passionately committed to cultivating the strengths in each child as students embark on the path to lifelong learning.

Working in teams, our teachers value the responsibilities for academic excellence. Drawing from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience, the faculty use differentiated, dynamic instruction and construct creative, child-centered curriculum. We empower students to be the best versions of themselves as well as reflective, responsible citizens of the global community.

Minimum Requirements

Our teachers have their bachelor’s degrees in education, psychology and other related fields. The elementary teachers have master’s degrees in education as well as teaching experience in progressive schools. All team members are CPR/First Aid certified as well as trained in Allergy Prevention & Response.

Teachers that Research

Our teachers are lovers of learning. Professional Development days in the summer and during the school year provide opportunities to engage in cutting-edge workshops with world renowned consultants. Every week, teachers collaborate to discuss planning possibilities and review best practices. Research-based curriculum and instruction is at the forefront of our 21st century program. Additionally, teachers attend conferences connected to their interests.

Coordination Team

Jessica Pinto
Head of School

Alexandra Kagan
Head of School

Melissa Diaz

Programs Team

Monica Lutz

Sara Gonzalez
Preschool Music

Nilda Guerra

Nilda Guerra

Liyi Huang

Nana Du

Olga Lopez
Elementary Music

Daniela Padron
Elementary Music


Alise Shafer Ivey
Founder/Head of School of Evergreen Community School (Santa Monica, CA) and Founder of Pedagogical Institute of Los Angeles

David Bryan
Co-Founder, President & Head of School of New Roads in Los Angeles, CA

Lina Acosta Sandaal
Founder of Stop Parenting Alone

Neydy Gomez
Director of Zaniac

Harvard University
Project Zero


International Inspiration

Team Building Events

We nurture every member of our community – including the teachers! We believe that when our teachers are happy, they transmit a calm, joyful energy to the classroom. Team building events throughout the year make us a stronger family, connect us as collaborators in the classroom, and provide an understanding of each other for a happier work environment.

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