Curriculum Design

Preschool Program

Our preschool is a four-year learning community that is home to joyful, nurturing, creative learning experiences. Our highly-qualified teachers work closely with parents to create a curriculum that grows from the children’s own interests and immerses them in the joys of discovery.

Our education program tracks closely to developmental stages of early childhood. Each school year features intentional curriculum that builds upon the previous year in developmentally appropriate ways.

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Elementary Program

Interdisciplinary, thematic units that challenge students to utilize critical, creative, and problem-solving skills in meaningful ways seamlessly integrate our core subjects. Academically rigorous language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, arts, robotics physical education, and modern languages are offered in a fun, meaningful way.

Students are guided to master major concepts, processes and skills as they build connections between ideas. Children are given opportunities for self-directed inquiry as well as collaboration with their peers. The goal is to teach children “how to think, not what to think” as they prepare to be outstanding global citizens.

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Life Skills

The culture of socio-emotional well-being embraces compassion and kindness, patience, and integrity. Stop Parenting Alone is a group of therapists with expertise in child and adolescent development as well as infant and early childhood mental health who use research-based practices to help each child find their authentic self.

These therapists support our teachers, evaluate children’s needs & offer tailored interventions, as well as offer monthly coffee talks to our parents for family support.

Community Class

Elementary students take an active role in a course focused on community building, empathy, and effective citizenship. The social studies-based class provides children with active learning opportunities to practice being compassionate, responsible members of the community.

Language Programs

La Piazza Academy embraces the unique multi-lingual community of Miami by supporting the academic acquisition of world language skills in the classroom. English and Spanish are spoken throughout the day. Additionally, all children receive daily Mandarin immersion classes.

Through project-based, experiential learning, children develop proficiency in speaking, writing, listening, and reading multiple languages that will serve as platforms of communication as well as respect for their neighborhood and global communities.

Mandarin Chinese

Beginning in PreK-1, Mandarin Chinese is taught every day. Experiences are designed to cultivate an enjoyment of the language through

  • Stories
  • Puppet play
  • Dramatic play
  • Cooking
  • Art
  • Dancing and songs.

At the elementary level, children communicate proficiently in oral and written Mandarin Chinese.


In preschool, our bilingual teachers speak Spanish and English throughout the day.

At the elementary level, students learn to communicate proficiently in oral and written Spanish.


One of the many highlights of our campuses is the Atelier. The bright art studio offers a beautiful space for children to mold mixed media into original creations. The Atelier is a significant component of La Piazza’s collaborative curriculum where students expand their imaginations as they turn concepts into realities. Led by Atelieristas with master’s degrees in fine arts, the art classes connect to the children’s interests and thematic units.


Music is part of the daily learning experience as a fun teaching tool that engages the child. Children sing, dance, and conduct breathing exercises that assist with appreciation of music. In PreK-4 and Elementary School, children have violin, piano and guitar classes twice a week. Taught by Latin Grammy-winning, international maestros, these instrument lessons offer children the opportunity to play classical and contemporary music. Music theory is intertwined with the curriculum. Additionally, children compose original performance pieces.


Movement, teamwork and sportsmanship are integral to the Physical Education program. Children are introduced to soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball, yoga and obstacle courses.