April & May 2019 Newsletter

Dear Families,

As we conclude the 2018-2019 school year, I reflect on the remarkable growth of our children. They have blossomed and developed, each in their own way, as unique individuals.

Spring was filled with beautiful events that celebrated our connection as a community. From our Community Day focused on the Earth to the Fiesta & Fun(draiser), a sense of collective consciousness for the planet and its youngest generation was heightened. Thank you to the marvelous mothers who partner with our program to raise responsible, engaged citizens. We adored celebrating you at our Mother's Day Brunch.

With gratitude, I would like to thank the children, atelieristas and teachers for the extraordinary classroom artwork that was auctioned at the event. The children pour passion and talent into every piece. We showcased their remarkable work at the Night of the Arts & Italian Dinner.  We closed out our last day of school with a beloved annual tradition – Bicycle Day. The children seemed to have a wonderful time enjoying their last day with their friends and teachers.

As we close one year, we open another. Although 2019-20 will bring some changes and transitions, as all years do, I feel we will grow closer as a family, as a community and as a school. For the families who will continue with us through the next year, we thank you for your support and believing in our mission. For the families who will be moving on, thank you for allowing us to spend such special moments with your children this year. We will carry this year in our hearts always. Remember, the doors to La Piazza are always open to you – please visit us sometime!


February & March 2019 Newsletter

Dear families,

The past weekend was full of many beautiful community activities at La Piazza. Friday was our Father’s Day celebration and brunch. It was beautiful to see the dads come out and participate in a special event with their children. Then, this Saturday marked our annual Family Picnic on Virginia Key Beach Park. It was a very successful event and we had a great turnout of families from both campuses. We are so happy to be able to share moments like these with our community! Each year we become stronger as a school and as a family.

This week, some of our team members from both campuses are attending a special practicum at the Evergreen Community School in Santa Monica, CA. Evergreen is one of the best progressive schools in the world, and we have worked closely with them over the years to develop our progressive and unique program. Our teachers and staff are lifelong lovers of learning, and we appreciate this as we place a big emphasis on the importance of professional development. By always improving our skills and keeping to date with the latest advancements in the field of education, we are making sure we provide our children with the very best educational experience.

This month, the school will be closing for Spring Break from March 24th through March 29th. Day care services will be provided, upon request, from 8:00AM to 3:00PM. Please sign up via Zippslip if you are interested.

Looking ahead, I invite parents to mark their calendars for La Piazza Foundation's First Annual Youth Safety Symposium. As parents, we need to be aware of the dangers which can affect our children living in today's world. Please join us for important information concerning social media, internet dangers and anti-abduction awareness.


January 2019 Newsletter

Dear Families,

I'd like wish you a very happy new year. I wish you the best for this coming year, and hope you spent the holiday season among loved ones and friends. After a restful winter break, our students and teachers returned revitalized and ready to master 2019. In this second half of the school year, our students will continue working in our progressive program.

Our program combines the best educational approaches from multiple philosophies to create a unique learning experience, focusing strongly on mental health and socio-emotional development through our Life Skills classes. Through our work in Social Constructivism - we offer the opportunity for children to build and design their own theories in small Groups of Investigation. These small groups allow children to question, examine, create, solve, interpret, debate and think critically. Our Reggio Emilia inspired philosophy - shines a light on the principles of respect, responsibility and community, in the context of a rich learning environment (the third teacher). With the Montessori approach - we incorporate practical life skills into our daily routine, which empower the children to play an active role as a member of their home and school community. They have a sense of purpose and belonging.

These ideologies not only value the human spirit but also the development of the whole child – physical, problem solving, academic, social, emotional and creative areas.

Education is successful when children are inspired to delve broadly and deeply into learning. We have carefully developed this program, because we feel it is the best way to develop the whole child and prepare them for a lifetime of success. In order to accomplish this mission, we need the collaboration of you, the parents. When we partner together towards the same goals, we can accomplish the greatest thing – nurturing each individual child so they can become thoughtful, engaged, well-rounded citizens living as their authentic selves.


December 2018 Newsletter

Dear families:

This is the last newsletter of the year and, as many of you may feel, this year went so fast. As a school, we experienced very special moments with our La Piazza community. Every year, I have the privilege to meet amazing families that support our vision about their children's education. Thanks for trusting in us and being with us on this journey.

I feel very proud of the school we have today. We are pioneers in progressive education in Miami. The acceptance of the community has been extraordinary, and it seems that the need for a school like ours is growing. I'm a strong believer that education, as with any other field, is in constant change. Therefore, schools have the responsibility to provide a program that will prepare our children for the world we have today and for what is to come.

We had some exceptional highlights in 2018, that include receiving the APPLE Accreditation for our Coconut Grove campus. Both schools are now Apple accredited and have received the Gold Seal quality. Additionally, we have strengthened our life skills / mental health program which focuses on social and emotional development for our children, our team and provides support to families. The founder of Stop Parenting Alone teaches a Habits of Mind class for our elementary students. Also, we were Mandarin Chinese champions for the second year in a row after competing in the state-wide 11th Annual Mandarin Chinese Language Competition. These are just a few of our accomplishments as a school that were possible with the support of our team and families.

For 2019, we will continue investing in professional development. This is one of the most important aspects to continue growing, learning and improving our educational approach. As pioneers in the progressive education landscape, we are committed to nurturing well-rounded citizens that will have a positive impact on the world.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and beautiful holiday season.


November 2018 Newsletter

Dear families:

In the month of October we had many celebrations that gave us the opportunity to connect as a community and as a village. It was beautiful to see the collaboration of our parents working together. Through our different committees, we all worked together to prepare for Grandparents & Special People Day and Halloween. We also came together with the Outreach Committee and began collecting donations for Feeding South Florida to benefit those affected by Hurricane Michael. We thank all of our families who have donated to this cause as we continue receiving donations every day. It is only with the help of invested parents that we can grow and strengthen our community, and I am so thankful for the parents we have as part of our group. Our school doors are always open to you, and you are always welcomed and encouraged to participate.

La Piazza represented our school at the BKB Fair this month. Meeting with other schools in our community was a great experience, and it makes us feel proud to be pioneers in progressive education, where we value our children’s socioemotional development. We want our children to excel in all areas – emotional, interpersonal, academic, creative and social. We strive as a school to give our children and families the tools to accomplish all this, and more.

In the spirit of community, we will celebrate our first Community Day on November 9th and we will have our annual Thanksgiving Feast for the children on Tuesday, November 20th. At the end of the month, on November 28th and 29th, we will have our Scholastic Book Fair.

As always, I welcome you to engage in these activities and make even more connections to fellow parents. It is beautiful to see us come together, grow and depend on each other as members of a village and a family.


October 2018 Newsletter

Dear Families,

School has officially been in session for a month and a half. The first 45 days of school are seen as a transition for our children, parents and team. Experts in child development understand that it can take up to 45 days for children to create new attachments to their caregivers, get used to the new pattern of daily routines and successfully settle in to a new school year. With our children successfully transitioned, they are ready to be fully immersed in our program, which we are always strengthening through professional development and work with our consultants. We would like to thank all families for their classroom support during this transition process.

In September, we had our annual Parents Night. This is a very special event where our school community collaborates to learn more about our program and to meet other families. We join together to create a meaning, valuable experience for our children. As families from all over the world, we are connected through a common goal – our children. Together, we can help to develop creative, compassionate, well-rounded citizens of the world.

Participating in school events strengthens our community and helps our children to feel they truly belong. We take pride in being a school that offers many opportunities to become involved in your child’s school life. This month, we welcome families to two special La Piazza events: Grandparents & Special People on October 12th for a special classroom activity and brunch, and October 31st children and parents for a Halloween Celebration on campus. Additionally, we urge all families to take advantage of our monthly Coffee Talk with parenting expert, Lina Acosta Sandaal.

When we all come together as one school, under a common vision and goal, the possibilities we can create for our children are endless. I look forward to sharing a fun month with you all!


September 2018 Newsletter

Dear Families,

Over the last two weeks, I’ve had the pleasure to meet some of the new families and welcome existing ones. I have also had the beautiful experience of engaging with children in the classrooms. It is a pleasure to be part of the transition weeks. On behalf of all LPA team members, we want to extend our gratitude for trusting your child’s well-being and education in our hands. It is big responsibility we hold with honor, and we take pride in guiding the children to become well-rounded citizens of the world.

As a school, we work closely with the human development of all our members of our community – your children, our staff and you as parents. We count on the support of the group of therapists from Stop Parenting Alone to work on the social and emotional development side. For intellectual support, our experienced teachers have a group of consultants that work closely with them to continue teaching and reinforcing our progressive approach. Our faculty’s primary focus is cultivating the children’s analytical and critical thinking skills in a meaningful way.

I’m very proud of who we are and who we are becoming as a school. We are not repeating traditional approaches to education. We continuously research the best approaches to comprehensive education that will strengthen our program.

This month, we will have our Annual Parent’s Night on September 21 in Coral Gables and September 28 in Coconut Grove. Please join us for this important evening. This event is for you to intimately know your child’s school program, teachers and meet other community members that, like you, are excited to be a part of your child’s education.